Simply Artist Stefan Rogenmoser, carvings, jewellery, sculptures, knives, wall art, BC, Canada

Custom Work is Stefan's specialty. If you have ever desired something for your home or office, but just cannot seem to find it at a traditional gallery, let Simply Artist create it for you.

Simply Artist can make just about anything that you would like out of just about any kind of material. Carvings and sculptures are created with everything from wood to marble, and jewelery is made from all types of metals and other unique materials such as a beaver teeth or bear claws.

Simply Artist can also create some projects at your home or business. Large sculptures coming to life can be a great attraction for your place of business or for a special event.

There is virtually no limit to your creation. If you have an idea and would like to know if it can be done, please contact Stefan for a consultation on your project.

Call Now: (604) 576-8516


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