The Dreamer

One giant step for mankind.

Born Naked

We are all born naked.


We choose not to see for self-preservation.

Damascus Knife

Creating an edge is man’s first achievement.

Art Minute: CBC

I want to make people think.

Simply Artist:

The extraordinary art of Stefan Rogenmoser

Stefan started his career as a tool and die maker. His technical design history is unparalleled when producing art that caters perfectly to your specifications.

It is my desire to produce the highest quality art possible.

Stefan Rogenmoser

Simply Artist

Truth and Beauty

Truth and Beauty

Langley Times newspaper article: June 30, 2006 Langley artist Stefan Rogenmoser's work pulls no punches when it comes to...
Arts Alive and Well in the City

Arts Alive and Well in the City

Langley Times newspaper article: August 26, 2005 ... consider the exquisite social commentary of sculpture Stefan...
Art Minute: Stefan Rogenmoser

Art Minute: Stefan Rogenmoser

Read the article: CBC Arts · Posted: Feb 09, 2018 "I want to leave a statement, I want to make people think about these...
Gallery Tour

Simply Artist Gallery Tour

Stefan walks you through the stories behind his projects.

Looking for something unique?

If you have ever desired something for your home or office, but just cannot seem to find it at a traditional gallery, look no further. 

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